Reversible Kantha Jackets

Kantha is a type of embroidery from the state of bengal and Bangladesh Traditionally old saris where stitched together layer on layer then a running stitch was then hand stitched from top to bottom.

The kantha jacket range are made from the same principle but with a modern twist, still 2 bits of fabric stitched, but these are machine stitched and have padding in between the fabric to make them slightly padded.
Because 2 pieces of fabric are used the design has been made to be reversible.

This makes these jackets unique. A fantastic idea which not only gives you 2 looks for the price of one,  but because lightweight give warmth.  Great for travelling as so versatile.
The collection the fabric choices are chosen by myself, I only have 2 made of each size, sizes range from uk 8 up to uk size 22, once the collection is sold out the fabric choices are not repeated making each collection unique.

Kantha reversible jacket

Sizes from uk size 8 to uk size 22

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